231 Del Prado, South #8, Cape Coral, FL, (Moderna Plaza), 574 7070

Sun 11am - 9pm   /   Mon-Tue 11am - 9pm   /   Wed-Sat 11am-10pm

Please use as a guide only,call for current prices 239-574-7070  MAKING CHICKEN GREAT AGAIN.......
Chicken Parts with Sauces
1: Choose Flavor
Original Buffalo Sauces
Extra Hot

Garlic Buffalo Sauces
Extra Hot

Specialty Sauces
Garlic Parmesan
Garlic Teriyaki
Sesame Teriyaki
Pineapple Teriyaki
Lemon Pepper
Honey Mustard
Sweet BBQ
Smokey BBQ
Honey BBQ
24 Kt. Gold BBQ
Sweet Bangin
Sweet Caroline
Caribbean Jerk
Spicy Garlic
3 Amigos
Sweet Bangin Cajun
Island Sauce
Hurricane Charley
Partly Sonny
Hot Damn
Shark bite
Gold digger
Mellon Balls
Hot Garlic Parmesan
Hit & Run!
Blazin Mango
Hellz Bellz
Ape Shit
Dry rubs

2: Choose Quantity
Wings in quantities all one flavor
5 $6.49
10 $9.99
15 $14.99
20 $17.99
30 $26.99
40 $35.99
50 $44.99
75 $63.99
100 $81.99
Wing Ding $9.49
Pig wings(5) $9
Options for wings above
all drums+$1.00
all flats+$1.00


Boneless Battered Tenders in quantities all one flavor
5 $8.99
10 $16.99
15 $25.99
20 $32.99
Combo Tender and side $9.99

Kagen Shocker
Sandwiches with Sides
1: Choose Entree
1/2 lb. Burgers Served on a fresh roll or toast.
Build your own starting @ $8.49
Patti melted me,grilled onion,cheese on rye $9.99
Pizza Marinara sauce and mozzarella $9.99
Suicide Onion ring, chili, hot peppers & cheddar $14.99
Mushroom & Swiss Pretty self explanatory $9.99
Cape Coma Bleu cheese, bacon, and tomato $9.99
Charlie's Angel Lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo & bacon $9.99
Wingnuts Supreme Lettuce, tomato, onion, spicy ranch, cheese & bacon $9.99
Buffalo Bleu Cheese The name says it all! $9.99
Texas Tornado Onion ring, bacon, hot peppers, cheddar & BBQ $14.99
Chili Chili, cheese & bacon $9.99
Spicy Bacon Rancy Spicy ranch & bacon $9.99
Mozzarella Bacon Burger No brainer! $9.99
Peter Piper Deep fried pickles, bacon & cheese $9.99
Cowboy BBQ, bacon & cheese $9.99
Hellz Bellz Cheese, ranch, pickles, lettuce, tomato & Hellz Bellz sauce $14.99
Mac Daddy Mac & Cheese, Cole Slaw $10.49
Jersey Giant 2 burgers, cheddar, mozzarella, onion & bacon $14.49
Old Glory bacon and cheese $9.99
Breakfast burger bacon,cheese and egg $10.99
King Richard cheese,A1 sauce on Texas Toast $9.99
Options for burgers above
medium rare
medium well
well done

Hotdogs 1/4 pound jumbo
Classic $5.49
Deep Fried $5.49
Italian Deep fried hotdog, onions, potatoes, peppers, mustard & ketchup $6.49
Chili Dog Hotdog, chili, cheese & onions6.49
Slaw dog $6.49
saugage $6.99

Famous Sandwiches Served on fresh roll with fresh chicked breast and one side
Roman Garlic Butter, Grated Cheese & Mozzarella $9.99
Parmesan Marinara, Parmesan & Mozzarella $9.99
Lumberjack Cheddar, Sour Cream & Bacon $9.99
Clubbie, turkey,ham,bacon,cheese,lettuce and tomato on rye or toast $8.99
Grilled chesse $5.99
Grilled ham and cheese $7.99
Grilled cheese, chix,tomato and bacon $8.99
BLT $7.49
In Yur Face, grilled chix,onion,mushrooms,ham,ch $9.99
Rueben, pile high corned beef,slaw and homemade $9.99
Sausage,marinara and parm with provo cheese $8.99
Sausage with grilled peppers and onion cheese $8.99
Deep Fried Meatball sub $10.99
American dip $9.99
Stoner bowl, grilled mushrooms,onions,peppers,banana peppers and steak over tots $11.49
Cuban sandwich $9.99
Cheese Quesadilla $7.99 no side included
Chic or steak Quesadilla $9.99 no side included

Other Sandwiches On fresh roll with fresh chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and one side
Grilled $9.99
Crispy $9.99
BLT $7.99
BBQ $7.99
Wingnuts cheese steak (Best in the Cape) $10.19
Wingnuts chicken cheese steak $9.99

Wraps Served with lettuce, tomato and fresh bacon and one side
Chicken Caesar Salad $9.99
Crispy Breast Strip $9.99
Grilled Breast Strip $9.99
BLT $9.99
Veggie $9.99
In Yur face $10.99
Burger $9.99

2: Choose Side
Cole Slaw
Fresh cut potatos
Onion rings
Waffle fries
Italian Hotdog
1: Choose Item
Fresh Regular French Fries
Family Order $5.50
1/2 Order $3.50

Fresh Nutty French Fries
Family Order $5.50
1/2 Order $3.50

Family Order $5.50
1/2 Order $3.50

Homemade Chips Crispy thin slices
Family Order $5.50
1/2 Order $3.50

Fresh Potato Wedges
Family Order $5.00
1/2 Order $3.50

Loaded Wedges Bacon, Cheese, Sour Cream
Family Order $8.50
1/2 Order $5.50

Cheese Fries
Family Order $7.00
1/2 Order $4.50

Cheese & Bacon Fries
Family Order $7.75
1/2 Order $5.00

Xtreme Fries Chili, Bacon, Cheese, Sour Cream
Family Order $8.89
1/2 Order $5.49

Specialty Sides!
Corn on the cob $2.49
Onion straws, with parm $5.49
Bust-a-nut roll $4.99
Buffalo Shrimp $6.99
Mozzarella Sticks $6.99
Jalapeno Poppers $6.99
Onion Rings $5.49
Battered Mushrooms $5.49
Cauliflower bits $6.49

Fried Pickles
Family Order $6.99
1/2 Order $4.49
(Fried banana peppers w/parm cheese)
Family order $6.99
1/2 order $4.49

Mac and cheese bite (10) $6.99
Beach bread $6.99
Garlic bread $4.95
Family order $5.99
1/2 oder $3.49

Fresh Homemade Cole Slaw This is the bomb, and I mean thee bomb !!!
Family Order $4.50
1/2 Order $3.00

Celery $1.00
Celery plate $7.50
Bleu Cheese (Sm) $1.00
Bleu Cheese (Lg) $3.00
Blue Cheese plate $7.50
Ranch (Sm) $1.00
Ranch (Lg) $3.00
Ranch plate $7.50
Spicy Ranch (4 oz) $1.50

Bottled Sodas
20 oz. $2.00
2 Liter $2.75

Beer Cold! Draft and bottled. Nine varieties to choose from and always an adventure.
Chicken Hat
Front of Restaurant
Bike Night
Green Salad
1: Choose Style/Size
Fresh Hand-Tossed Salad Garden Iceberg, Onion, Tomatos, croutons, Cheddar Cheese, Mozzeralla and Bacon with Choice of Dressings
Small $4.99
Large $6.99
Add: chicken $2.50

Fresh Ceasar Salad Small $4.99
Large $6.99
Add: chicken $2.50
large $3.50
2: Choose Dressing
Bleu Cheese
Honey Mustard
Thousand Island
Custom Orders
Come in and tell Charlie exactly what you want!

Add any sauce!

Wraps $8.49 and up
Grilled Chicken
Crispy Chicken
Chicken Caesar
Roast Beef

Sandwiches on toasted roll or bread $8.49 and up
Chicken Salad
Grilled or Crispy Chicken
Grilled Cheese
Grilled Cheese, Bacon, and Tomato
Sausage, Peppers and Onions Grinder
Cold Cut, Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey, and Cheese

Philly Cheese Sandwiches $8.49 and up

All of the above include your choice of: Fries, chips, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, or Onion Rings. Add any sauce, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickels, or Bacon.

Black Widow Wings so hot you need to sign a waiver!
10 wings $17.00
20 wings $25.00
1: Choose ItemCan't open lists/shirts.txt

Click picture for larger view.
2: Choose Size
Men's Sizes
Small $15.00
Medium $15.00
Large $15.00
X-Large $15.00
Black and White Wings Shirts
Dude Wings Shirt

Guarantee Guarantee
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